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August 9, 2014

WebGL Nonlinear Iterated Function System Rendering

Filed under: Random Thoughts — Dr. Lawlor @ 1:13 am

A few years ago I built a fun little nonlinear iterated function system fractal renderer that works on the GPU.  I got very pretty pictures and interesting scientific results, but my demo is an OpenGL application, so it’s a pain for people to download and see. Juergen Wothke just ported my renderer to use WebGL, so it can animate beautiful swoopy lines in realtime, at least in Chrome. A prerecorded video doesn’t capture the full resolution or the 60fps speed that a good graphics card is capable of producing!

Read his technical details at his blog.  Browser audio processing was the main headache.

I’d love to see somebody build a full-on interactive editor for nonlinear IFS using WebGL and my GPU rendering technique!


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