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January 2, 2018

Migraine – Potassium – Sodium link?

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Raw foods, like fruits, vegetables, nuts, and meats, include lots of potassium.  Modern processed foods include lots of sodium, because sodium is a cheap way to make foods tastier.

If you eat too many processed sodium-rich foods, your kidneys excrete the excess sodium, but this also washes potassium out of your body.

Yesterday, I skipped my usual daily apple and yogurt (potassium-rich foods), but I did eat a large helping of pesto pasta, which was green and tasty.  But then last night I woke up with a head-splitting migraine, including sensitivity to light and sound, which is quite unusual for me.  I also had an urge to eat something salty like corn chips: salty foods usually don’t work for me, but it indicates how your body reacts to an electrolyte imbalance.  Suspecting low potassium, I drank two glasses of apple-cherry 100% juice–each glass has 8% of your daily RDA of potassium, 1% of your RDA of sodium.  The migraine immediately began to recede.

Looking at the labels this morning, the processed pesto I used turns out to be high in sodium, with almost no potassium.

Disclaimer: I am a doctor, but of computer science, not medicine!  Actual medical doctors are now examining therapies that treat electrolyte imbalance to treat migraine.


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